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The California Coast Run is a voluntary event.

Iknow, it's terrible. But in a world where you never know where the next lawsuit is going to turn up, it has to be said. So please read this and make sure you agree before you participate in any part of the Coast Run.

Coast Run Disclaimer

The California Coast Run is voluntary. Your participation is of your own free will and you can hold no one responsible for any damages to yourself or property from participation in the event.

The California Coast Run is held on public highways and you are driving on them by your own choice.

You paid no fee to participate in the Califorrnia Coast Run other than for food should you choose to participate in the catered dinner.

You are responsible for your own license, registration, and insurance for any vehicle driven during the event.

Any accident occuring involving one or more cars while on the course of the event will be resolved solely by the drivers and and authorities.

You understand the dangers involved in taking part in this event. Rules of the road should be observed for the safety of all.

Understanding that you take full responsibility for your actions, you still wish to participate in the California Coast Run. Go sign up!






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